Colouring in

I’ve knitting and crocheting steadily over the last little while and I’ve finally had the time (home with the lurgy) and some sun to photograph it.

These are flowers I’m crocheting for the Irish Floral throw in Comfort Afghans and Throws. While I usually have a love/hate relationship with crochet, I’m enjoying these flowers and using wool remnants from projects long finished. I’m improvising the flowers quite a bit and I can highly recommend my picot as a source of well illustrated crochet stitches. If you look under ‘Flowers and volumetric’ stitches, you’ll find some gorgeous butterflies. I’m going to try one of those soon.

The lad has commissioned a beanie and wristwarmer set, according to his own design. This one’s being knit flat to accommodate the colour work.

As gorgeous as this silk shawl is, I’ll be ripping it out. The lace border just wasn’t the right choice for this yarn weight. I’ve decided to go for a crochet border with a knitted, shaped body for its next incarnation.

This was my travel knitting – a bamboo yarn for a short-sleeve, v-neck tee. I’ve changed my mind about the pattern for this yarn a couple of times but didn’t start until I was quite sure. This is being knit in the round and I’ve just got to the point of dividing it for the front and back.

I’m quite ambivalent about this one. I substituted yarn in this pattern and I don’t think mohair was the way to go. This style of asymmetrical jacket needs a little weight to help it drape and show off its angle but the mohair is simply too airy to do that. I’ll see what can be done with shawl pins and other arrangements.

Now to finish off three other projects on the needles.



  1. India flint said,

    August 2, 2010 at 1:55 am

    can’t believe you’re actually going to unravel that lovely shawl!

    • froginthepond said,

      August 2, 2010 at 8:28 am

      There’s one project on the sticks at the moment that’s been unravelled about 5 times – a different pattern each time!

      In this case, the yarn is so gorgeous it deserves something that will do it justice.

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