Finishing day

I finished a few little things yesterday. The sorts of little things that lie over a chair and don’t really take very long to do. Which, paradoxically, seems to be why I procrastinate. Since they could be done anytime they always end up at the back of the line behind the stuff that needs doing right now.

This hooded vest now has the zip it’s needed for the last eight months.

This pinny had it’s facing tacked down and a few little stray bits tucked away:

I sewed a button on a pair of jeans and crocheted a bright pink flower from sari silk to pick up a stylish but a little too grey knit top for the lass. So it was perfectly okay to add to my array of knitting works-in-progress (currently only two). So I swatched for Adam’s Rib in a gorgeously deep plum: –

and cast on a poncho for the lass.

So now I have on the needles some car knitting, car knitting in waiting, in front of the tv knitting and evening knitting that needs a bit of concentration (which can double up as watching gymnastics for two hours knitting). There is no such thing as too much knitting.


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