I’m boooooored

Not me, the lass. Early Sunday afternoon, your parents are complete hippies and say you’ve used up your screen time for the day and everyone else has something to do.

So I invited her to join me. Not that she had to, just if she felt like it, in case she couldn’t think of anything else.


This was my effort:

I’ve signed up for an ink and pencil workshop at Lauriston Press at the end of the month. I’m quite looking forward to it and I enjoyed getting my fist around some pencils and paints again. The lass is getting more confident with her colour mixing and attempted a shade of purplish brown for a dried gum leaf.

From left to right: botanical study of a gum leaf, dried gum leaf, and tracing around the bottle brush before watercolouring.

The Bloke and I have spoken about how it’s important for each parent to have a particular activity that only they do with that child. It’s a way to build up a one-to-one conversation, for the child to build up their special knowledge, and  to feel that there’s one particular thing that’s special with each parent. I think the lass and I have found ours.

And just to demonstrate that her skills aren’t limited to drawing, here’s a completely untouched photo she took of Lake Mulwala (Yarrawonga on the Murray):


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