Sewing bliss

I may have mentioned earlier that setting up the sewing room study was a priority when we moved. It’s still a little cramped – unpacking the study section seems less important than unpacking the knitting and sewing section. I took a few shots to give you an idea of how it is now.

A dedicated sewing table has made my life so much easier. The chair was a garage sale find and I have plans to reupholster. The good thing is that it’s still comfortable until that happens.

See all that natural light? It’s amazing! The brown table in the corner is my cutting table and I can’t tell you how grateful my knees are now that I no longer have to scrabble around on floorboards. If you look closely you’ll see the wicker sewing basket I picked up in an op shop in Pambula on the far south coast of New South Wales. It was $20 which made me dither for half an hour but good sense won out in the end. I have fabric remnants of the same era in the same colour combo (white/red/black) and that will replace the ugly floral lining.

This is the 1950s dresser my sister had when she left home and gave to me and the Bloke after we were married.

It’s unbelievable heavy, every male in the family loathes the thing because they’ve had to help move it and I love it with a passion. The little cupboard on the left is actually a meat safe with ventilating wire mesh at the back. And it has something you could only find in white Australia during the 1950s – the maker’s sticker proudly proclaiming ‘only European labour’.

This is my sewing basket that was a leaving home gift from my mother. My older sister got the pale pink version and I got this aqua one. There were no expectations that we’d start making our own clothes it’s just that Mum had a fairly practical view that we knew the sewing basics and the least we could do is mend and repair stuff.

I don’t think it coped well with this move. During the second sewing project the hinges on the left lid gave up the ghost and shattered in my hands. It was only a momentary blow because then I could pull out and properly use this little beauty.

A 1950s, cantilevered, made in Melbourne wonder. It does need a little attention with that brace on the left but that’s it – no damage internally and no scuffing. Another op shop, this time in Sunshine. I walked in after early release from a work seminar and pounced on it immediately. It had only come in that morning.

With all that organisation, I’ve made a top for me, one for the lass, a summer dress for my niece, a little matching skirt for her doll and sooz’s bag (as a gift). Very, very satisfying.



  1. kate said,

    January 21, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    So there are still boxes in the loungeroom then? The sewing room sounds like a nice small(ish) project. Acheiveable. I’d definitely ignore the rest of the house while setting up a sewing room.

    My sewing basket was a gift from my Nanna c. 1984. It’s blue, with a picture of a little girl on the front, and it is really only big enough for a few mending supplies. Which is why I have shelves. I like the idea of a big basket for all the gear, but shelves with little boxes as dividers are working pretty well. I just can’t carry the shelves out to the loungeroom.

  2. Dianne said,

    January 21, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Oh my, your cupboard brought back a flood of memories, my parents had one and some time during the 70s they disposed of it, and it was just like yours. I loved going to the middle cupboard next to the drawers because that is where they kept the tomato sauce and growing tall enough to be allowed to open that door to get the sauce was a big thing !! I would dearly love to have it still. I think ours was painted white with a sort of minty green on the doors.
    I love the whole set up that you have, and thank you for sharing it as I am hoping to turn my spare bedroom into a better place for my sewing and it’s great to see how others have done things.

    • froginthepond said,

      January 21, 2010 at 11:44 pm

      I love the idea of minty green on the doors. Every now and then – like 5 years – I think I might repaint it or some how do it up. But I don’t because that slightly creamy white is just right. But minty green could tip me over.

  3. Stomper Girl said,

    January 25, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I love your heavy slightly-racist dresser as well. It is gorgeous. I’ve just taken up sewing and I’m finding it an incredible pain in the butt to be always unpacking and packing the sewing machine and toolbox. So I am just a bit jealous of your nice sewing room, even though I know I couldn’t -with my sewing levels- justify one for myself!

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