Blowin’ in the wind

I’ve been really busy with sewing, studio organising, knitting and planning. I’m busting to show you (now that I’m back at work and have a computer with decent processing speed) but I’ll start off slowly.

This is fabric purchased from Ikea. It’s destined to be cushion covers – the orange toned fabrics will liven up a beige slipcovered couch while the blue tones will replace covers nibbled out by Misty the class rabbit.

I love these large, graphic prints. The oversize delicacy of the bird and branch print on the right makes me happy. The floral on the left seemed so much fun that I bought an extra long piece as our outside tablecloth.

I’m not a huge fan of blue but I’ve ended up with a 3-seater couch in dark blue. I think the combo of pale blue, white and black should lift the dark blue and break up the splodge of darkness. I think that’s why I didn’t yell when I found out which cushion covers had been chewed. At least I had an excuse to replace them.

News of summer adventures will be forthcoming: sooz’s shoulder bag kit (delightfully received by my mum), op shop scores on the Mornington Peninsula and tales of just how much sewing you can get done when things are tidy and slightly organised.


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