Moved by Christmas

Don’t ever move house ten days before Christmas. It sucks and then it drains Christmas energy out of you and your extended family you’re desperately hoping will feed you and let you hang out at their place so you don’t have to face unpacking all those boxes.

But we managed it with grace and sanity intact and sailed through one of the most relaxing Christmases I’ve ever had.

My first ever, solo, with masterclass from Mum, cloth Christmas pudding turned out beautifully.

Christmas Pudding

On both sides of the family, there was plenty of food, conversation and laughter, bubble blowing, backyard cricket and wheelbarrow races.

Nearly sisters

They’re wicket keeping, of course. And if you thought they were cousins you’d be wrong. “If our mums are sisters, that makes us nearly sisters” explained the lass.



Which is really Hot and Not but I haven’t been able to get that word out of my head for two weeks. I have house moving brain at the moment so I don’t think this post will win any literature awards but I did want to talk about stuff that’s hottentot for me.

Hot is:

  • moving to a house that isn’t crappily built
  • listening to your husband’s improv band over here at tram sessions
  • ordering one of sooz’s kits from Ink and Spindle. I chose this bag with this fabric to make as a gift.
  • the lad’s response to a question about his favourite part of the school year: “All the support the teachers gave me when we found out I’ve [probably] got dyslexia”.
  • watching the lass make a card to her teacher with the completely unprompted message “Thank you for your support and teaching me. Love always…”
  • picking out the beeswax between your teeth after a colleague brought in honey on the comb for our morning tea crumpets

Not hot is:

  • Moving house while it rains steadily for six hours
  • End of year school carols cancelled due to poor weather
  • Moving house

Play along with loobylu and the rest of us!

Addendum to hot/not

Under the heading of ‘not hot’ I placed the election of the Mad Monk as the new leader of the Opposition. This post over at Still Life With Cat explains why this is the case far better than I.

And to play along or see what others are doing, check out loobylu.

Hot and not

Quite a bit of hot around this week (thankfully).


First on the list, for the lass’ sake, is her FIRST EVER school camp. The Cycle Two kids (6-9 yo) simmered with excitement as they trooped up the path to the buses that will take them to Sovereign Hill for a two-day, one-night stay. The lass loves Sovereign Hill and is really looking forward to the ‘Blood on the Southern Cross‘ evening show.

Mango puree – a traditional end-of-year fundraiser for our school is mangoes. I bought two trays, distributed most of one, kept some for eating and then pureed the rest. You’ll be able to see a little contraption on the cutting board – that’s a mango cutter and it’s marvellous. It cuts down and around the mango pip and leaves lots of flesh on the cheeks for cutting out.

I can report that when using the mango cutter, 14 mangoes will yield 2.5 litres of mango puree. Good for ice cream, tarts and tropical drinks of a possibly alcoholic nature.

A tram sessions gig for the Bloke. An acoustic improv set performed and filmed on one of Melbourne old trams as it rumbled round the CBD on Tuesday evening. The recording isn’t up yet – I’ll give a shout out when it is. I’ve found the Swedish version here.


The really not hot event this week the election of the Mad Monk (aka People Skills aka Tony Abbott) to the leadership of the opposition Liberal Party. It’s just so bad, reactionary and bizarre that it seems like a joke. But it isn’t. There will be people who take this guy and his misogynist, anti-choice, reactionary policy views seriously simply because he’s the opposition leader. The only hope lies in the fact that he won with only one vote and that the Liberal moderates will be so appalled at this turn of events that his leadership will crumble just like his three predecessors since 2007.