What’s hot, what’s not (Adelaide edition)

Greetings from swelteringly hot Adelaide. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in Adelaide and I chose the middle of it’s very first November heatwave to arrive. For the three days of my visit temperatures have been 39C. Criss-crossing a university campus at the foot of the Adelaide Hills is not the best thing to do in such weather. It’s a little disheartening when even the outdoorsy viticulture types regard it as too hot.

What’s hot:

  • Adelaide, obviously.
  • Glenelg beach – six degrees cooler and with a lovely sea breeze.
  • Connies on trams – had a great little chat with the first conductor I’ve seen in over a decade. Apparently every Melburnian (bar one) waxes lyrical about seeing a connie.

What’s not:

  • Power blackout for four hours on the first day. All the interviews went ahead but at least one was conducted with the sound of a number of freezers complaining they were getting too warm.
  • Losing my glasses. It’s even worse than losing my religion.
  • Being away, for the first time ever, for the Bloke’s birthday. I was there on loudspeaker while the cake was lit and Happy Birthday sung. I only joined in on the ‘hooray’ bits because I was in a restaurant at the time.

Photos coming later!


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