Starry Serenade in pink


A few days ago, loobylu shared this little redwork design. Apart from being a gorgeous illustration, it put me in mind of two special little girls who are cousins and best friends even though one is in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

This pink one is for my lass who loves all things pink. I’ve started on the second in purple for my neice who adores all things purple. They’ll become rectangular little pillows just the right size for reading or hugging.

The gloomy indoor lighting doesn’t help but it’s shell pink on calico, using split stitch and french knots. The split stitch gives a lovely texture. Where I needed very fine detail I used back stitch instead to make sure the lines stayed clear. I secured the centre of the stars with a tiny stitch in the centre. The purple version will look rather different simply because it’s such a strong shade.

I’ve enjoyed stitching this so much, I even tried it during my train ride. It is possible to embroider on a train but make sure you’re only using one colour because it can get a little tricky managing the threads.


1 Comment

  1. kate said,

    August 27, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    That was quick!

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