My knitting’s been a bit all over the place recently. All over the house, over a whole lot of projects but not much in the way of actual results. Mostly it’s been *knit, knit, frog (repeat from * 5 times).

Spurred by the success I had with Reverie by Amy Swenson over at Knitty, I went full on with some hat making. The lass’s got frogged only once; the next one for me got frogged four times. I finally settled for an okay hat, if only to get it off the needles and my mind. Hats and I have a mixed straightforward history. They don’t suit me or I don’t suit them. So when Reverie did suit I got rather keen. It’s not the pattern – it really is me. I thought I could modify a little and it didn’t work. So, feeling chastened, I shall return to the pattern and think a little more closely about how I can make it without holes. Because 7.45am on a winter’s morning at a footy game is not a time for holes in your hat.

I’m also puzzling and frogging over winter jumpers or cardis or wraps for me. I’m making an effort to use stash yarns and that does up the degree of difficulty. I love the colours in my stash and I have plenty of patterns to swoon over, it’s just that stash yarn = limited quantities = difficult decisions. Another complicating factor is the new and fascinating information on colours and wardrobe sloshing around the family (thanks, Mum!). So while I now know why I opt for black as my neutral even though chocolate suits me and my preferred colours better, that doesn’t help turn black stash yarn into chocolate stash yarn. I may need to sit down with patterns, yarn, red wine and chocolate. Damn.

Not all is lost. I’m working on a pair of socks for the Bloke and they’re working out nicely without a frog in sight.


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  1. kate said,

    May 18, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    Hmm, sew a flannelette lining into the reverie?

    You need all the layers you can get on those footy mornings.

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