It’s a flap bag

If there’s one thing my lass can be relied upon, it’s for an age-appropriate obsession with accessories. At least in her case they tend to bags for her books, or the sketch pads and pencils she takes everywhere. This wasn’t what I was thinking when I showed her the narrow strip of fabric I acquired at the Stitches and Craft Show. 30cm x 110cm doesn’t give you a lot of wriggle room so I wasn’t sure what she might want out of it.

The fabric had barely uncurled its last thread when the lass announced, ‘It can be a flap bag’. Uh? My hearing isn’t always great so I wasn’t sure if I’d misheard or not. I had no idea what she was talking about. ‘Like my other one, with…’ and the lengthy description followed. Her favourite bag at the moment is a narrow but deep Kinki Gerlinki bag with a long strap she hoists over her shoulder. Messenger style, it has an overlapping flap secured by velcro.

So (ha! a pun!), a simple matter of folding up one edge to the desired depth and away we go. I went for french seams for added strength and a neat finish. Extra excitement was added when a pair of her old jeans were canabalised for the strip of embroidered butterflies running down each leg. And I needed both legs to get the strap length…The lass wasn’t interested in anything that would close the flap since it’s a lot easier to accommodate a bit of bulk if you don’t feel morally obliged to secure a flap to its piece of velcro or button.

It’s already been to school which I think is the ultimate nod of approval.

Gathered Materials



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