Well, that was a longer break than I intended. I had marvellously good intentions during my bout of sewing last weekend. Then the camera needed it’s batteries recharged, and by the time that happened it was evening, and then…stuff happened. The Bloke wanted to know if I’d gone walkabout and I said I couldn’t blog without photos and I didn’t have any and I’d do some on the weekend and

last night I defied the styling gods of the blogosphere.

I took photos at night. Inside. With flourescent lighting.

And found out why you shouldn’t really do that.


It’s enough to see a little bit of what I’ve been up to. Some refashioning of a skirt I made a little while ago. It’s a gorgeous wool/silk tweed that I’m fairly sure I got from Tesutti’s in Sydney for a song. A simple long straight skirt that’s perfect for autmn and spring, and will do nicely in winter with stockings underneath. Sometimes, gorgeous-to-me fabric isn’t enough and the skirt doesn’t have quite enough striding along room so a godet needs to be inserted:

greengodetWell intentioned – not a bad idea – but really not working for me. And there was the small matter of not fitting it properly and covering the gap with a crocheted medallion. Note to self: next time, look up the sewing reference books first.

Then a brilliant idea. I really like the colour and feel of crochet cotton and the medallion caught the lustre of the thread beautifully. So this pattern book comes in handy again because it has a triangular medallion.


A few of those sewn together, one godet artfully inserted, and Roberta’s your transsexual avuncular figure.

This cotton blouse was for the chop since it was just too long. 12cm cut off sleeves and body, a neat little hem and I have something to replace a favourite white cotton top that’s on it’s last legs. Or arms.


This is only phase 1 of the refashion. I’m planning to go a little steampunk on this one and attach black crocheted lace cuffs and collar. Project Gutenburg is a wonderful thing, particularly when it provides you with 19th century lace patterns.

This last sewing effort is being displayed for rather different reasons. It’s a straightforward pair of trousers from a pattern so familiar I don’t need the instructions. But look at the legs! These are for a 6 and a half year old – and I know I should get over how tall my kids are – but that is quite astonishing. These kids get out of bed and appear in the kitchen for breakfast and you look them up and down and think (or say out loud), you grew, you are taller than you were yesterday. I am reasonably absolutely confident that in another 5 months time, the lass will have outgrown these completely and I’ll be cutting them down for shorts.


And these are the long legs in question, setting up the boat races we had the other evening.



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