Redesdale Sunset

We arrived at the Redesdale Community Hall for a bushdance fundraiser in time for the last of the sunset.

Redesdale sunset

The bushdancing didn’t begin until we were leaving – about 10pm – and after the auctioneer’s vocal cords had a good working out. One of the items auctioned was an amount of olive oil donated by a local producer whose estate had been completely burnt out by the fires that were the cause of the fundraiser.

It was a fairly quiet night. There was plenty of talking, some music in the background, and kids running around like mad things. But still quiet because the subejct matter was sombre, we’d driven between some blacked out paddocks, past one or two ruined properties, and noticed the defence lines around some houses and the unpredictable and few patches of green. The lad was shocked to see the destruction and the lass wept quietly for the sorrow of those who’d lost so much.

We genuinely meant it though when we agreed with the local who’d parked next to us, that it was a top night.


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