Bushfire relief – update

Volunteering and local councils

I’ve been told that the Shire of Nillumbik is no longer taking volunteer registrations. If you still wish to help out, please register at Go Volunteer. I backed up my shire registration with this and received a callback confirming my details within 24 hours. It may take a few days or a week or more to hear from a relief agency but at least I know that I can be contacted.

‘Peer to peer’ donations and kids

Our two kids are keen to help out and Rainbow Comfort Packs (previously mentioned) may be a good way to get them involved. Going about it as a peer to peer effort may help children feel they are contributing without being overwhelmed. I’m putting out feelers in the lass’ classroom to see whether they might want to adopt this as their particular contribution. I had a conversation with a counsellor from a girls’ secondary school who told me that they were working on ‘pamper packs’ for teenage girls (cleanser, moisturisers, a little makeup, etc).

Specific items for donations and the longer term

As local readers may be aware, the relief agencies have indicated that they have enough in the way of clothes and general items. Some agencies in specific areas will continue to put out calls for items of particular need (such as deodorants, batteries etc) so keep an ear out for those.

Keep in mind that we need to provide support in the medium to long term. Handmade Help has a number of ideas and contacts about making items such as quilts, afghans and household linen that can be distributed in a few months’ time.

The community’s response has been amazing. It all helps.


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