Other ways to help – craft and kids

Monica over at Beyond Pink and Blue online store has started up a drive for comfort bags for kids. The idea is for crafters all over to make a library bag (an A4 size tote) which she can fill with donated new and near-new goods. These will be light, easy to carry bags filled with little books, pencils and paper, a little stuffed toy, puzzles etc. Nicole from You SEW Girl is having a sew along this coming Saturday in Brunswick. There are more details at each blog. These will be distributed after the first wave, intensive relief effort.

The lad came home yesterday with some evacuation stories from class mates. In one family, they left early enough that each child was able to choose something very special to take with them. This classmate chose his PlayStation 3. He later opined to his mother that they left so early they would’ve had time to call in the movers.

We suspect his mother would not have appreciated that comment.

Another way to help: contact innercitygardener if you have stockfeed that can be donated. Her dad has trucks that can transport feed to where it’s needed.

Local readers can also check out the ABC Melbourne site for ways to help.


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