A black weekend

It’s been a hellish weekend.

As we crept through Saturday and 47C, we expected to hear news of fires, but we didn’t expect to be staying up into the night waiting to hear the names of nearby towns called out on the radio.

Our bushfire plan – get the hell out – was discussed. We didn’t need to pack the car but for about twelve hours it felt close. A few quiet discussions between the bloke and I; what would go, what would fit, the trigger point. We reassured the kids, between listening to the radio, of course we have our plan. Yes, we’ll be fine.

We went to school for a few hours on Sunday for a bit of cleaning up after a classroom refit. Our lad’s teacher lost her house; parents told of the close escapes they’d heard from friends; another teacher left anxiously, reportedly sleepless from concern over her parents and other family members in path of the bushfire.

We’ll stay for the school assembly this morning. i know we’ll hear more.

For local readers, the Red Cross is taking cash donations. Clothes and other goods are not being accepted yet. The Salvos are also involved in emergency relief efforts and are accepting cash donations, though they will accept donations of clothes and goods at their op shops. Cash donations provide flexibility for victims of the fire in addressing their immediate needs. For those living in shires affected by fire, please check your local government website for details about volunteer requirements.


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