Back from a 4-day break down at the beach – the kind of break that seems twice as long as it actually was. And being a Victorian beach, it was bloody freezing on Friday, freezing on Saturday and Sunday, and not bad on Monday (when the heatwave kicked in). Still, that’s why wetsuits were invented.

The tadpoles frolicked, swam and one of them started surfing. The lad certainly didn’t have his first surfing lesson at Gunnamatta nor his first wipeout at Gunnamatta. It just looked like Gunnamatta…

I can report happily that op shops on the Mornington Peninsula, and especially Dromana and Rosebud, are very good. My haul was three sewing patterns, a length of good quality white cotton pique, and a 1950s pattern booklet for crochet gloves (a la Audrey and Grace). And I still had change from $5.

I’ve also reached the conclusion that I need a sewing tote. I have thought them rather naff and fussy. My knitting bag is simply a tote devoted to knitting; it certainly doesn’t have pattern or needle holders, special pockets for measuring tapes or fussy little loops for yarn to feed through. So why the hell would I need a sewing tote? Because it’s a damn sight easier to pack and carry than the overburdened plastic bag I used to carry fabric, patterns and notions.

I promise not to get too fussy about it. Or use naff fabric.

(there are no photos because the camera had its own little holiday at home)


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