We’ve had a very full Christmas with lots of gathering, talking, playing, eating and drinking (ahem). The kids have been in cousin heaven with their Sydney cousin down for Christmas and basking in the attention and cricket and game playing abilities of lots of uncles. I think the prezzies I made went down well – there’s only one left to deliver and I promise, Mini Manc, to send it off tomorrow the next business day.

Here’s my hot tip for Christmas 2009: start knitting now. Not the prezzies – just start knitting like the Goodies, anytime and anywhere. Get your family and friends used to seeing you knit all manner of things anywhere you are. That way, it is quite acceptable for you to get out your knitting over coffee after Christmas lunch. And it makes for much hilarity when your KK opens their present only to realise the socks were on your needles only two hours ago and that in fact they saw you knitting them!

I can recommend a book called Retro Knits: cool vintage patterns for men, women and children from the 1900s through the 1970s. A gift from my sister, it’s full of fab patterns that have been modernised just enough. The patterns have been regraded for contemporary sizes but they haven’t mucked around with the design or shape of the original. Those 1970s leg warmers are pretty special! I’m already planning a couple of tops, particularly a drapey V-sleeve top from 1910.

I’m getting ready for the New Year today by sorting out my stash and finishing a few items or getting them off the repair pile. Hopefully I will get some sewing done and the time to finish off a knitted top. My plans for the evening? Staying home with the kids while my Bloke does his muso thing at a New Year’s Eve gig. I’m not complaining because these days my pumpkin time just keeps getting earlier.


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