I’ve been a little more preoccupied this week than I expected. I had two days at home at the beginning of the week cos I figured I didn’t want to pull out all my babysitting favours while my bloke was in Darwin. And mainly I wanted two days at home in the lead up to Christmas to get that side of life organised. Didn’t happen, though I shouldn’t be surprised.

Today’s the last day of school and the week has been full of expectation and fulfillment. The tadpoles have been bringing home work (so much! productive is all very well, but do I have to keep it?) and their Christmas bags full of handmade decorations. They’re also focusing on their new rooms and new work and the new year, pointing out their new teachers, discussing new activities and new possibilities. It’s a peculiar combination of reflection and looking forward. Master Tadpole has been particularly vigorous this week and revelling in ‘Grade Three privileges’ which means doing bugger all since there’s no carry over work for next year. They also get to sit on chairs around the mat rather than having to sit down on it. This is hugely exciting, it seems. Master Tadpole’s way of reflection and looking forward was to read both the Room 7 round up in the newsletter as well as the news from next year’s room.

Miss Tadpole has found it exciting and extraordinarily tiring. She chose not to sing in the Cycle 1 Christmas songs last night. I don’t think she had the emotional energy for a performance. An organised child, she likes to have things planned and happening. So next year has been planned but isn’t yet happening and she’s struggled with the tension between present and future. She loves her teachers dearly and has to say goodbye and at the same time is so looking forward to Cycle 2 work. No doubt things will resolve themselves with a few good sleep-ins and counting down to Christmas and family visits.

I made a squishy for Room 7 – one of Wee Wonderful’s bears – and completely forgot to photograph it before we wrapped it up. It looked good; it veered towards alien at one stage while I was embroidering the face but I managed to get it back to bear-like. Presuming bears wear mary-janes and blue paisley dresses. A robot was also planned, but I had to admit defeat at 10 o’clock last night. It wasn’t even cut out so it really wasn’t going to happen. Room 7 has a box of squishies for the children to hold while doing reading so there was a robot book to go with the intended robot. Ah well, it will have to be delivered next year.

I should probably turn my attention to making some Christmas gifts. I’m hoping to do some handmade decorations or paper or cards but we’ll see if it happens.


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