Ode to joy

Soulemama asked what was making her readers joyous. I didn’t comment because, well, I couldn’t think of anything at the time. And if I were feeling joyous at the time, it was unlikely to be expressed in someone else’s comment box.

But I have my own blog, and I’m winding down after a friend’s birthday party, and feeling a little joyous, so I’m prepared to share now.

My bloke is a muso. Many of our friends are musos, professional or otherwise. I am able to play the flute but do so rarely  (ever saying that will change), and our Master Tadpole currently claims five instruments at the age of 9. I love the creativity of music, the spontaneity of the experienced muso who needs only to know two things: the name of the song and what key it’s in. And I love watching and listening to those I love make music.

Tonight was a good night for that.

Good friends, my bloke, and the children of good friends (good grief!) were there in a corner of the living room with lights, stands, amps, leads and foldback wedges. They were having a damn good time and so were we. P was letting rip on the keyboard, K was on the drums and smiling shyly (surely he can’t be that old because I remember dragging him back by the nappy as he tried to escape through the ring of amps and music stands), his sister M blowing up a storm on the sax (she toddled while he tried to escape), A and J cruisin’ and groovin’ like they’ve done for years, R standing on the side having a huge amount of fun on guitar and vocals and my bloke, standing at the back, head and shoulders above them all, grinning and rolling his eyes has he tries to keep ’em all together.

And Master Tadpole is standing out front, two feet or so in front of the general line of friends and family, listening. Really listening, and watching, and keeping time, utterly engrossed in the music. And finally I pick up Miss Tadpole, tired and patient, and dance while I hold her in my arms, far too big for that but still always and forever my little girl, weaving in and around the two crazy beautiful women I know also dancing, with so many standing and smiling and looking. And that’s joy. Creation flowing through and around us, with the love of family and friends. And that is joy.


1 Comment

  1. Mary said,

    November 23, 2008 at 8:54 pm

    And that was a beautiful joyous post..

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