Sock hubris

I posted a little while ago on sock mojo. I now have to post on sock hubris. These socks looks lovely:



but nearly drove me insane. I ripped the first sock a record five times – on two occasions, from above the heel! That exclamation mark is because I knit all of my socks from the toe up.

On the first two occasions I was guessing at foot size, even though I knew the shoe size of the recipient. On the third occasion, I stuffed up the pattern big time. On the fourth occasion, the heel just didn’t work. The fifth time I finally got the hint, looked up likely foot size, checked the gauge and ditched the original pattern. It was fine after that.

The yarn is a silky smooth bamboo and cotton blend from Crystal Palace yarns, bought from Yarnomat. The shell pink variegation worked beautifully at this size (women’s size 7) without any pooling. I chose the bamboo/cotton blend as a summer yarn because bamboo is said to work well in hot conditions – wicking away moisture and some anti-fungal properties. I’m not sure if the anti-fungal properties remain after all that processing, but the ability to wick moisture does. I’d thoroughly recommend this for summer socks.

Finally finished

Finally finished

Now that I’m over that trauma, I’ve started on the next pair of socks. These are much smaller and purple according to the request of the small Sydney person who will wear them. This time it’s Maizy from Crystal Palace, spun from corn fibre:

Purple haze

Purple haze

The pattern comes from my hand drawn notes on foot size with tweaking courtesy of the universal toe up sock calculator over at Knitty. The lacy rib is of my own devising which simply means that I was in the habit of lace and knew I needed a rib to ensure a good fit. I’m finding this yarn stiffer to work with and it has a decidedly ‘starchy’ feel to it. It slides well on aluminium needles but does drag considerably on bamboo. I’ll wash these before I send them on and see if the yarn softens.

And finally, I finished this little piece, a cropped jacket / bolero style from Phildar:

Miss Tadpole's bolero

Miss Tadpole's bolero

I adjusted the pattern to suit the beautiful skein of Malabrigo Worsted (‘Hollyhock’) I purchased in Montreal last year. While the style is intended as a summer top it will still work well in wool for spring and autumn. We often get rather chilly mornings so this will be just right for popping on and off as needed. And it’s Montessori in design – which simply means that miss tadpole can do it up herself and without grownup assistance.

As a complete aside, master tadpole has grown half a centimetre in about ten days. He’s probably got another 18cm to go until he’s as tall as I am. Given his rate of growth over the last twelve months, he’ll be there in another year and a half. Aged ELEVEN. It’s outrageous.


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