Vintage and a little bit of PoMo

I have a weakness for vintage knitting and sewing patterns. Not all of them because let’s be honest, not everything from the past is gorgeous (flares and gender inequality, obviously). I like them because there’s a more refined design sensibility and an assumption that if you’ve bought the pattern possibly you know how to sew or knit. And if you’re not sure, there’s always a handy manual. I’ve got an Enid Gilchrist sewing pattern book, published by The Argus sometime in the late 1940s or 1950s. It has hints, descriptions, diagrams and directs you in the drafting of the pattern. I’ve made a couple of items and it’s fabulous to be guided through basic pattern drafting in a variety of styles.

Most of my vintage patterns are from the 1940s and 1950s but these recent purchases are a little different.

They’re from Decades of Style, a pattern company that republishes vintage designs, regraded for contemporary sizes. So that’s definitely a 1930s butterfly wing blouse but it’s going to fit me without laborious pattern copying and regrading. I think it might also qualify for race day flair when teamed with a Japanese print similar to this (but better because it has ivory. mauve and touches of pink).

But I also like touches of the postmodern so I think this ‘fashion forward’ knitting site is fantastic – Metapostmodernknitting.


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