Room for more

I’m two weeks into a new job (coincidentally, I just started reading a humanities researcher who is at the same place, but I’m in different faculty). It is, as I hoped and expected, a satisfying, fulfilling and challenging position, working alongside people similarly fired up by ideas, research, writing and talking about it all. And I’m confident I will be saying that 13 months in, which certainly didn’t happen in my old job. I do so like a staff meeting that doesn’t involve an agenda (stated or otherwise), minutes, papers, an iss-ewes register and powerpoint.

Which is to say that I get to do lots and lots of thinking during work time, that previously happened in non-work time. So, my partner asked recklessly, what are you going to do now?

I showed him three pages of sketches for my summer wardrobe

The family already know about this

sewing table

sewing table

and this

Then there’s this

also this,

Doll's bedlinen

Doll's bedlinen

which is part of another idea to make some money to feed my yarn and fabric habit.

There’s always room for more. The fact that it requires manipulation of the time-space continuum is completely irrelevant.


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