A little croak in a big pond

I’ve found out in the last week that a sprained ankle can really give you the irrits. But for real misery, a sinus infection beats it hands down. Put them together…and you get one and a bit socks knit, frog three different projects (from the same yarn), catch up with your blog reading and finally start your own.

And it’s a nice little break from work.

This will mostly be about crafty stuff – planning it, making it, frogging it, doing it with/for/by kids – with some musings on life thrown in. The voices in my head that have read a political science dictionary won’t be getting a guernsey here. They’ll be in their own little room somewhere else.

A crafty blog without photos is a site to behold but not something I plan to last for very long. Once I find that computer cable for the camera.